Our Firm


To be the main allies of our clients and their companies, in achieving their goals, objectives, supporting them in their sustainable growth, providing them with a high-quality, multidisciplinary legal and consulting service, with a comprehensive view of their business, taking advantage of our 40 years of professional experience platform, particularly in legal risk management, structuring of business expansion models and protection of intellectual property.


By the year 2027, HENAO HERNÁNDEZ ABOGADOS & CONSULTORES will continue to be one of the main Intellectual Property firms in the region, but it will also be recognized for providing Legal Services and Business Consulting, guaranteeing a 360° perspective of the business, counting on recognized human and professional capital, goodwill, all supported by technological tools that allow our clients to interact and have comprehensive solutions, with high added value, for the development of their companies, in Colombia and abroad.


We base our professional practice on achieving and protecting the TRUST of our clients, thanks to the fact that we frame our exercise in:


For the client and for our profession. We guarantee a horizontal relationship with our clients, placing the person at the center of the legal process, responding promptly and with dedication to their doubts, optimizing their time, and giving them added value through our work.


We act under strict ethical and moral standards, always with the idea that our actions should be our best cover letter and an assurance for our stakeholders.

Continuous Improvement:

We believe that all processes are susceptible to improvement, our search for higher quality is incessant, we seek the growth of the firm and that of its collaborators, the development of new and better products and services, and we provide the best professionals and talent to pursue our clients’ interests.


We owe ourselves to our clients, we always act protecting their interests, acting prudently and with due diligence. We are also loyal in the practice of the profession with our peers, with the legal system, and with our counterparts.

Our Leadership Team

María Victoria Henao Hernández

María Victoria Henao Hernández

Managing Partner – Intellectual Property Leader


Lawyer specialized in Commercial Law, Intellectual Property, Administrative Law, and Law of New Technologies, graduated from Colombia’s best law school, with more than 40 years of work experience providing high-quality advice and with a 360° view of business. Expert in the protection of trademarks, patents, health registrations, and structuring business models and franchises. Additionally, she has served as a Judge and Public Official in the Ministry of Agriculture, lecturer, and professor.

Juan Sebastián Henao Zapata

Juan Sebastián Henao Zapata

Head of Legal and Business Development


Lawyer, Economist and International Negotiator, with a master’ degree in finance from Universidad del Rosario, LLM in International Business Law from the University of Tilburg, with more than 10 years of work experience in national and multinational companies and government organizations in the industrial, services and public sector, acting in leadership roles in juridical/legal areas. His experience focuses on providing accompaniment and technical advice on legal and economic matters to organizations regarding the preparation of civil and commercial contracts, analysis of current regulations or legislative transit, as well as designing legal strategies to mitigate risks regarding the structuring of businesses and risks of the operation, attention to requirements by surveillance and control entities, preparation of the organization’s legal defense and company valuation for M&A operations.

Juan Fernando Henao Hernández

Juan Fernando Henao Hernández

Senior Lawyer – Head of Litigation and Administrative Law


Lawyer from the Universidad Santiago de Cali, Specialist in Public Law from the Université de Montpellier, and in Commercial Law from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana de Medellín and the Universidad San Buenaventura with more than 40 years of work experience in the areas of Administrative, Commercial Law , Real Estate, Arbitration and Civil, Administrative and Commercial Litigation. In the past, he provided his services as an in-house lawyer for important national and multinational companies, including Smurfit Cartón de Colombia S.A., and PULPAPEL S.A., and has been working as an independent lawyer since 1993.

Ana María Zapata Rivera

Ana María Zapata Rivera

Senior Lawyer – Head of Franchises and Corporate Law


Lawyer from the Santiago de Cali University, specialist in Commercial Law from the Bolivarian University of Medellín and the San Buenaventura University, with more than 35 years of work experience, expert in legal advice on franchises, corporate law, and Alternative Mechanisms in Conflict Resolution. He has supported franchise structuring processes at a national and international level, including success stories such as Qbano Sandwich Franchises, Pizzamania, Senthia, among others.